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Technology doesn’t have to be complicated. At TenrecX, we help you navigate the world of technology procurement without additional fees or markups. We provide you a vast portfolio of buying options and personalized support when you need it most, ensuring you ease of use with our as-a-service approach.


With best-in-class service providers and knowledgeable Xpert Advisors, you can optimize your business spend and ease of operation. By letting our Xpert Advisors uncover the most efficient and cost-effective way to procure your technology needs, you can recover your time and redirect it to what matters most to you.


Our world-class providers are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations with their technology solutions, and our Xpert Advisors are dedicated to advocating for you through and beyond the sale. We remain engaged to ensure you get the expected value out of your technology and are benefitting from all it has to offer.

Simplify. Scale. Succeed.
Enjoy the benefits of technology without complexity. We develop simplified, intuitive procurement options for solutions that streamline your workflow for a smooth technology journey.
Proactive support that keeps you ahead of the curve.
Innovative options to address every challenge with care and precision.
Simplified solutions for an optimized technology toolkit.
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