Who we are.

TenrecX was born from conversations among friends and colleagues united in their vision for a better approach to providing expert advisory support to clients while optimizing sales strategies.
Our goal was to create something to simplify the way technology advisors work, provide much needed scale to technology companies needing to expand and optimize their markets, and help our clients succeed in accomplishing their organizational IT goals.

We are seasoned, success-driven leaders in technology and business advising, placing significant emphasis on professionalism, integrity, and camaraderie. With a commitment to our clients' success, we leverage our experience and industry insight to help you navigate the landscapes of technology and business. Ultimately we empower both our clients and partners to achieve sustainable growth and innovation.

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Overall Experience
Leadership Excellence
Leadership in diverse team management, including Sales, Customer Success, and Professional Services.
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Expertise in Public Sector
Contract Navigation
Leveraging an extensive portfolio of contract vehicles to help you select the best technology and acquisition method.
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Large Customer Expertise
Global Customer Insight
Leadership and advisors experienced in advising major global organizations across various industries.
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Simplify. Scale. Succeed.
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