What we do.

We help implement strategic, adaptable business and technology plans that provide you the flexibility to reduce costs, save time, and redirect focus to core competencies.
Technology Consulting
We help you identify your objectives, select and implement your IT solutions, and manage your technology suite focusing on seamless interoperability and trusted support.
Business Consulting
We analyze your business strengths, pain points, and goals to optimize your techology investments while ensuring the ease, speed, and competence of your operations.
Cybersecurity services
Cybersecurity is critical for maintaining the confidentiality and reliability of today's digital infrastructure. TenrecX helps our clients understand and prioritize their cybersecurity and compliance responsibilities. Whether starting with a threat assessment or a specific client need, TenrecX advisors help clients address these responsibilities with specific solutions that include end-device detection and response, infrastructure management, threat monitoring, incident response, governance development, and security support services.
Managed Services
With all the IT service options in the market today, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. TenrecX takes a structured approach to developing your support solution, integrating capabilities in helpdesk, monitoring, management, and lifecycle services to make sure all aspects of IT support that aren't supported internally are provided by a partner that understands your needs and expectations.
Some of the best software solutions in the market today are delivered via an "as a service" model, replacing historical up-front pricing with monthly subscription or service fees. TenrecX understands these new consumption models and can direct our clients to best-in-class software solutions, properly negotiated, and delivered effectively for a simple recurring fee.
NextGen Infrastructure
Leverage services that allow you faster time-to-market with scalable, cost-effective, and easily accessible cloud-based  solutions that enable innovation, growth, and data security.  TenrecX can help clients evaluate cloud options, including public cloud, private cloud, and colocation solutions.  We will introduce best-in-class providers that meet client-specific needs and guide our clients through the entire negotiation process, creating a flexible, scalable solution that meets the specific needs of a client.
Network Transformation
As our client's work environment continues to change, their connectivity needs evolve with it. TenrecX helps our clients navigate the broad range of network solutions, from dedicated lines to a sophisticated SD-WAN and SASE-based solutions.  Our selection tools help our clients understand the range of capabilities, reach, and cost to select the right solution to meet their needs today and as they continue to grow and evolve.
Collaboration & Customer Experience
The need to collaborate with clients, co-workers, and partners has never been greater, regardless of location and access point.  TenrecX advisors help our clients select the right collaboration and communications tools to meet their specific requirements, whether it's a Unified Communications (UCaaS ) solution or a highly-customized Contact Center (CCaaS) solution, a TenrecX advisor has access to the tools and capabilities needed to craft a solution that makes communication and collaboration easy.